fashionqueen: ([ in thought ])
Shiki Misaki ([personal profile] fashionqueen) wrote2008-05-29 05:53 pm

Noise No. 9 - Choirfrog

Edward, I have some clothes ready for Nina now. I've had them ready for a while now, but I just only got the chance to sit down and let you know. I'll come by later and drop them off.

So. The Game. I guess it can't be that bad, or that different. There's still a GM and we're at his mercy. I hope we don't have to fight him, though. That... I never liked the idea of having to eventually go up against those Reapers, and I certainly wouldn't want to go up against this guy. And the fact that I'm competing against Nina... really doesn't help. What the hell is he thinking, putting a four-year-old in a game like this?

Oh, Allelujah or Hallelujah whichever one is around? I still don't know your sizes~

That's one team mate down. I hope the others don't mind introducing themselves. Nathan, Tidus, and Makubex--that's you guys.

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