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People have disappeared lately... So that means they've gone back to their homes, right?

I can understand why people would be upset. I mean, from the looks of it, people make a lot of friends here! That's always a good thing of course, but having to leave after making so many memories with people you'd only know if you came here has to really suck.

It almost makes me not want to make a lot of friends while I'm here. What would be the point if I only got separated from them in the end? Damnit, Neku. Why does your own way of life make so much sense?

Oh, thanks again for the job and a place to stay, Misa. I really appreciate it.
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... I think I got the basic gist of this place! Though having the lower and upper levels here really make me think of the Reapers' Game. Except that the Reaper's only messed around with the Underground. These gods here apparently run both levels?

... I wonder, though... are they kind of like Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi or Susano'o?

Hah, that's a silly question to ask.

... I almost hope that Neku shows up, but then again, I don't want him to end up like me. He deserves a second chance to live in Shibuya. I wonder how long I'll stay here...

Thanks for finding Mr. Mew, Baralai. I really appreciate it. ♥

Oh! Does anyone have a place I can stay? I'll clean up after myself, and if you want, I can sew something up for you! Just give me a design and some fabric to work with, and I can do it~ ♥
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... Does anyone mind telling me where I am, because this doesn't look like Shibuya to me. Am I still in the UG or… did we fail and I just don’t remember it?

No, if we failed, Neku and Beat would be here, too, but I haven't seen them.

Can anyone here help out? My phone isn’t working and Mr. Mew is gone, so I’m a bit helpless.


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