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So. New gods and less people. These disappearances kinda get tiring, don't they? I mean, I could imagine a lot of people would be emotionally drained from losing so many friends. But hey, they're home and safe and happy, and that's all that matters.

Now we've got a new roomie and oh my gosh, is she adorable! But why the gods are bringing little kids in, I don't know. I mean, what sort of 'sin' could a four-year-old commit?! Maybe someone here knows her. Little girl, long brown hair tied up in two braids, and her name's Nina Tucker. She's got a dog with her, too--Alexander. He's just a giant cuddly fluffball made of cute. Seriously.

Hey Misa, think you could come up with some designs fit for a cute little four-year-old girl? I'd like to make her a few new outfits~ ♥
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Is this place always dealing with drama like this? No offense to anyone who might be dealing with things, but... this place is like a bad horror movie. Creepy voices everywhere, screaming, crying, people still disappearing, people dying, people close to dying...

I'd like to help, but I don't think there's much I can do.
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People have disappeared lately... So that means they've gone back to their homes, right?

I can understand why people would be upset. I mean, from the looks of it, people make a lot of friends here! That's always a good thing of course, but having to leave after making so many memories with people you'd only know if you came here has to really suck.

It almost makes me not want to make a lot of friends while I'm here. What would be the point if I only got separated from them in the end? Damnit, Neku. Why does your own way of life make so much sense?

Oh, thanks again for the job and a place to stay, Misa. I really appreciate it.


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