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name; Shiki Misaki
age; 15
dob; 09/23/92
hobbies; sewing
likes; friends, Mr. Mew, sewing, fashion design, Neku
dislikes; Noise, Reapers, spiders
    -passive, friendly, easy-going nature
    -desire for sociability and the pleasant things in life makes her easily influenced through her associations
    -generous and if appealed to will give all she has
    -doesn't find it difficult to say "no" and mean it when she has to
    -doesn't like to create tension or friction and will try various means to avoid such situations
    -very idealistic and shows it in her sewing
    -does have a bit of a temper.

Shiki tries her best to help others. If she has something to say, she won't hesitate to say it. She always acts kind and positive. Although her happy attitude that shows outside to other people, inside, she feels different. Shiki feels inferior or useless to others, which make her jealous of her idols. Still, she tries her best to not let these feelings affect her and turns them around into positive ones.

bio; Shiki is a very stylish girl. She keeps up with the latest fashions and trends and has a dream to become a fashion designer. She speaks her mind and can easily befriend others. Before going to the UG and playing the Reaper's Game, she and her best friend, Eri, whom she met one day when Eri noticed her's stuffed cat. The two girls make up a great fashion designing team; Eri is the designer and Shiki would be the one who did all the sewing (she even made her whole outfit herself!). Shiki fights with magic. She uses her stuffed toy cat, named Nyan-tan, during battle, controlling her with psychs. Shiki always carry Nyan-tan around with her everywhere and would get irritated if you mistaken her for a cat (like what Neku did). It was Nyan-tan that started Shiki's and Eri's friendship, and Shiki is very proud of what she made.

During the first day of the Reaper's Game, Shiki spotted a troubled Neku at near the Hachiko statue. She saw that Neku was also a player in the Game, and lacking a partner, she went up to him and asked him to make a pact with her (having no partner playing the Game is like a death sentence). The two of them defeated the Noise, and soon afterward Shiki briskly explain to Neku the rules of the Reaper's Game.

Shiki faced a hard challenge ahead of her. In the Game, it's important to trust your partner and with Neku being cold to her and ignoring her most of the time, it was a bit hard. Throughout the seven days they were together, Shiki could tell that Neku was opening up a bit to her, and their relationship improved.

Her attitude turned a total 180 when the two of them spotted... A SHIKI LOOK-A-LIKE? amongst the RG crowd. Neku was shocked to why two people could exist at the same time, and that was when Shiki revealed her past. Shiki was jealous of Eri because Eri was smart, pretty, talented, and she has a lot of friends; Shiki wanted to be like Eri really badly. Shiki traded what she looked like as the entry fee for the game (which is ironic because the entry fee is what you value most) and took the image of Eri, and she also tried acting like her, super-bubbly and happy all of the time. She told Neku she hated herself, that she wanted to change, but can't, and she became quiet.

She arrived in Purg when she ran off after she tells Neku that. She was confronted by Taboo Noise (more than likely created by Minamimoto), and unable to fight them off without Neku, she was knocked unconscious and woke up in Purg.

fighting abilities; Shiki's one psych involves her animating Mr. Mew. The stuffed animal comes alive and become a ferocious, clawing beast that attacks enemies. Her fusion attacks also allow her to transform Mr. Mew into more powerful, larger forms with stronger abilities. Unfortunately, she can only do this with Mr. Mew; nothing else works. She can also jump, which doubles her attack, or guard against enemy attacks.

other abilities
;  She is an amazing seamstress and wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. She even made the clothes she wears!


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